The 1st Version

The 1st Version

October 2015 by perchadmin

Looking Back To The Future Of Fortress

Prior to the release of Fortress 1.00x, our main aim was to produce a commercially available, dynamic app that would protect Windows business servers and networks around the world from relentless brute force attacks. Starting in 2013, we saw our product evolve from a basic concept into a powerful piece of software.

With the official launch still fresh in our minds, it seemed a like a good time to give you some background on us, the app and how, and why, we came to develop it.

From Ban to Boom!

Working behind the scenes at Techie Support Ltd, Fortress started life 2 years ago as an app we called, IP Ban. Developed as a simple Windows application, we worked hard to create a piece of software that blocked the repeated attempts to log into our RDP servers over the internet - an issue that we, and all IT pros, have experienced many times over the years.

Under testing, we were really pleased with how IP Ban worked and we saw a much reduced failed login attempt rate, that went from 200 per server, per day, to fewer than 50! We thought that was a pretty good first attempt - and when you scale that to our number of servers, that's a lot of unnecessary traffic and filling up of event logs - but we knew we could improve the results.

Global Blacklist (GBL):

Over time, we saw patterns emerge: some IP addresses would come back after the ban period had expired; others would start from 1 and keep increasing when each block was in place, and some would try different IPs at random.

After further testing and developing, we were finally in a position to offer our software to the public and launch Fortress. Alongside the free download that offers a pared down, yet incredibly strong, set of tools, we also developed Fortress 1.00x - that included a subscription add-on feature giving access to the Global Blacklist (GBL).

We specifically developed Fortress 1.00x to constantly update every installation that has a valid GBL subscription - even while it’s running. As a result of this, we were pleased to discover that the GBL installations had a success rate of fewer than 5 failed login attempts!

Needless to say, we were happy with those results, but we can’t afford to become complacent. With new IT threats and attacks occurring daily, we’re always looking to improve and develop the capabilities of Fortress to offer even more protection.

We’re In It Together!

Once installed, you can get support, chat to us and sign up to be kept up to date with Fortress developments. You can also let us know what improvements could be made and what features you’d like to see in future Fortress updates.

You can read more about Fortress 1.00x here and get a full list of features and benefits from our About page. And, if you haven’t yet installed Fortress, you can download here, for free, to give your servers the intelligence they need to guard against brute force attacks, by offering you powerful and dynamic protection.

Until next time, thanks for reading and be sure to give us your feedback!

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